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Passionate OFF ROADER

About Myself

  • Birth Place : Mumbai
  • Education :B.Com-Mumbai University
  • Hobby : Off-Roading,Football,Traveling
My Portfolio

well-known Businesses Man

Sameer Chunawala aka Sam Chunawala, is very much Passionate about off Road Adventures. He started following his Dream in 2013 all alone. As he walked down the Road of his Passion, he started building his Team i.e. Team Mumbai Motor Sports. On his journey he participated in RFC (Rain Forest Challenge) Malaysia, UDC (Ultimate Desert Challenge)4X4 Fury Orange Festival and many more such events.

Every Sunday Team Mumbai Motor Sports follows the Ritual of Practising with their Deadly Machines for upcoming events. Sam Chunawala is a well-known Businesses Man who holds Fairmount Construction & Limra Seafoods Company in Mumbai. He is so much dedicated towards his Passion that he managed to bring the big name - Mervyn Li Woi (Malaysian off roader) into his Team. He even imports parts for his off-roader Machines from various Countries, and was the first one to get the American trial slayer suspensions import. Off roading adventure runs in his veins and he aims to Represent India all over the world in various events.